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What is Digital Winery

Digital Winery mobile and web

Digital Winery is a software application that enables you to digitally manage all aspects of your business.

“The documentation effort increases and winegrowers feel the price pressure, especially in Switzerland.”

Digital data acquisition and automatic reports save time and costs, gapless recordings enable new insights and insights, instantaneous analyzes provide a secure basis for decision-making.

When customers buy from your winery, they want everything today.

Impeccable quality, transparent pricing, product traceability and much more. Digital Winery offers the solutions, expectations are met, your life becomes easier.

As a wine maker, you can focus on what you do best.

Delight your customers with great wines and don’t lose your nerves and valuable time with hand notes or annoying Excel lists.

Put the focus on your craft.


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  • Make decisions early
  • Process and measurement data acquisition directly on site
  • Analyze the entered data directly on site
  • Parcel directory
  • Task management
  • Record and assign working hours
  • Warehousing, materials management
  • Manage machinery
  • Earnings forecasts
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  • Capture grape delivery digitally
  • Cellar overview with tank lists
  • Barrique management
  • Wine number management
  • Inventory and assortment management
  • Record treatments digitally
  • Fermentation control and digital guidance
  • Digital wine cellar (replaces all paper documents)
  • QR code labels
  • Digital cellar book
  • Integrated quantity calculations
  • Yield calculations
  • Digital variety cards
  • Full traceability
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Lab & Sensory Analysis

  • Record and assign laboratory analyses directly
  • Uniform inputs for all measurements
  • Laboratory analyser connection possible
  • Visual tests & tasting using a simple input mask
  • Tasting questionnaire individually adjustable
  • Tasting reports
  • Temporal mapping of analyses and trends
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Management & Sales

  • Complete traceability and traceability
  • Transparency in pricing for end customers
  • Real-time inventory available for sales at any time
  • Price calculation, cost calculation and analysis
  • Better detection of optimization potential in operation
  • Competitive advantages and precise forecasts thanks to an evaluable database


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Available in Multiple Languages

Digital Winery is available in English, German, Italian and French, and can be upgraded to include even more languages.

Mobile and platform independent

Unrestricted use on computers, tablets and smartphones through the Digital Winery web application and the Digital Winery Mobile App.

Flexible and highly scalable

The Digital Winery user interface is fully customizable. The system can be scaled to any company size.

On-site data collection

Data can be recorded at any location, e.g. in the vineyard or in the wine cellar.

digital winery forms


Frequently used elements can be saved as favorites on the start page and can be reached with a click.

Master data

Master datasets are created using master data types with standard fields and freely configurable user-defined fields.

  • Management of locations, parcels, varieties, work steps, machinery, etc.
  • Link master data resources together
  • Use of master data resources in forms
  • Integration of external data sources
  • Excel import of existing data


Any form template can be created with the form editor. Form templates are used for data entry. The data entered can in turn be evaluated via reports.

  • Own form editor
  • Integration of external links


Calculations can be created and saved as templates. These calculation templates are selected directly via the Calculations module. The calculations can be embedded in forms.

  • Multi-level and complex calculations are also possible
  • Use of calculation templates in forms


A convenient search function enables the entire database to be analyzed and the search results to be navigated directly to the associated elements.

digitalwinery - boards

Kanban boards

  • Kanban boards, freely configurable
  • Tasks with checklists and checklist elements
  • Assign tasks to users
  • Create comments and work minutes in tasks
  • Time left to complete the task
  • Set completion date
  • Link tasks with resources (e.g. work steps, plots, location, grape varieties, etc.)
  • Display of work progress in %


  • Time recording (working hours, machine hours, etc.)
  • Allocation to resources (e.g. work steps, plots, location, grape varieties, etc.)
  • Tracking work progress and remaining time
Digital Winery Inventory
  • Wine cellar inventory management
  • Material accounting (vine growing needs, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Accounting for basement auxiliary materials
Digital Winery - report

Configurable, filterable reports can be created from the entire database. The reports can be exported and printed in PDF format. The design of the PDF reports is freely customizable.

  • Annual report on mandatory wine trade control in Switzerland
  • Working time per plot / location / work step
  • Statistics on tank occupancy, yield, etc.
  • Variety Cards
  • Inventory reports
  • The sales module for sales and deliveries
  • Customer contacts are automatically synchronized with the contact lists.
  • Order quantities & inventory integration available
  • Special promotions can be created
Tankbeschriftung QR

Objects can be equipped with QR code labels. The labels are created directly from Digital Winery.

  • Clear identification of resources and objects
  • Accelerated data acquisition via QR codes
Digital Winery - Import
  • Integration of ERP, CRM and other applications. Existing data in other systems (e.g. customers, suppliers, products, etc.) can be synchronized and used in digital winery.
  • Excel data import


Small BusinessProduction of less than 30'000 Liters per year

CHF 119 / Month

Monthly cancellable

Middle BusinessProduction of 30'000 - 300'000 Liters per year

CHF 199 / Month

Monthly cancellable

Large BusinessProduction of more than 300'000 Liters per year

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Monthly cancellable


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Digital Winery, created by Qualist AG and further developed with the Weinbauzentrum Wädenswil, is the result of a successful collaboration and reflects our combined expertise in various areas with the common goal of helping winegrowers sustainably.

Weinbauzentrum Wädenswil is a German-Swiss center of excellence and wine producer with its long-standing, experienced employees, one of the specialists in the wine-growing sector.

The vineyards are partly cultivated according to the guidelines of integrated production (IP) and partly according to organic standards.

At the three locations Wädenswil, Au and Stäfa, tests for Agroscope, ZHAW and the winegrowing center are carried out and supervised.

The most diverse systems of direct trains (Au and Wädenswil) and terraces (Stäfa and Au) enable practical research for the needs of the German-Swiss wine industry and its consumers.